Danya - 3Outrageous Liberation Coach
Danya Levinsohn

My name is Danya Levinsohn. My goal is to assist you in attracting all that your heart desires.

Education & Certifications

I earned my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alabama with an emphasis in Communicative Disorders and a minor in Psychology.

I am a Certified Empowerment Coach (CEC), through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Danya’s Biography:

Danya is an intuitive empowerment coach and motivational speaker who assists people to be who they truly are and not who they have been told to be or thought they should be.  She challenges and inspires people to live their lives to the fullest with integrity and respect for their highest self and the highest self of all people around them.  Using inspired actions, Danya assists people to escape conformity and experience the outrageous liberation of awakening.  Her proudest accomplishment in this lifetime has been her awakening of the connection to her higher self.

She welcomes you the opportunity to walk our talk together.


Early in life I came to realize my intuitive gifts. Through professional and educational training as a Speech-Language-Pathologist and as an Executive Corporate Recruiter, my skills in communication, listening, and intuitive instincts have become more sensitive and refined. I have always been interested in personal development and continually enhance my knowledge and growth in the spiritual development field.

I am also a wife and a mother living in the Chicago, Illinois area.

Who I Serve

I help motivated change-makers…

Women who are ready to take responsibility to make a real change…

Creatives seeking a better, more fulfilling life…

Anyone who is willing to think outside the box to create Outrageous Liberation for themselves and even the world.

What I Do

I’m an Intuitive Empowerment Coach. I assist people in becoming who they really are and not who they’ve been told to be or thought they should be. Using inspired methods, I empower people to escape conformity and experience the outrageous liberation of awakening.

How to Get Started

Step One:

Download my free workbook, “Unleashing the Joy and Power of Your Intuition,” using the form to the right. This guide will assist you to start listening to your inner guidance rather than all the external, ‘voices of reason’ and begin to document your journey to liberation.

This valuable workbook will help you to:

  1. distinguish and follow your inner guidance
  2. gain clarity for your direction
  3. identify and experience the support that surrounds you
  4. take the next steps on your journey to joy

Step Two:

Register for my complimentary Path to Liberation Consultation to discover your next steps to Outrageous Liberation. In this 15 minute session we will look at your goals, dreams and desires and create a custom plan of action. All conversations are private and strictly confidential.

“Life is a gift and you chose to be here now. Are you willing to take the next step? Let’s walk our talk our together.” ~ Danya