Have you followed all the rules but find life isn’t working for you?

Do you wonder why you aren’t happy when you have done everything you thought was right?

I know how it feels. I was guided my entire life to do things a certain way by parents who were doing their best, but I discovered following what everyone said wasn’t bringing me fulfillment, or even a remote sense of happiness and peace.

In fact, I managed to do very well in school and create an outwardly successful life while surviving my parent’s multiple remarriages, numerous residential moves to different cities and states, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, energetically toxic environments, low self-esteem, tobacco and alcohol abuse and sexual promiscuity.

Do you have a yearning for true happiness and peace that’s eluding you?

My Outrageous LiberationTM came when I was literally burned by my desire to look good, my striving for perfection. I had hair that I went to have removed, resulting in second-degree burns all over my arms. I couldn’t do anything but stay home and heal, and I started reading Law of Attraction books. That’s when I discovered, “I am more than my body. I am connected to something higher, something more than myself.”

I discovered that I can create my own script, my own life, and step out of the wavelength of what everyone else says I should be, do, or have. I listened to the voice inside of me that had always been yearning to come out.

At this time I was still a corporate recruiter and found myself counseling people in their life and career. To support my transition, I received my certification in coaching and began empowering people to have an Outrageous Liberation and finally be who they truly are. Learn more about me here.

Are you willing to love and appreciate Your life?

Are you ready to be the real you and show the world who you truly are?

I’d love to help you have this experience Outrageous Liberation without the humbling trauma I went through to discover my true essence. To get started, take these easy steps to Outrageous Liberation in your life.

Step One:

Download my free workbook, “Unleashing the Joy and Power of Your Intuition,” using the form to the right. This guide will assist you to start listening to your inner guidance rather than all the external, ‘voices of reason’ and begin to document your journey to liberation.

This valuable workbook will help you to:

  1. distinguish and follow your inner guidance
  2. gain clarity for your direction
  3. identify and experience the support that surrounds you
  4. take the next steps on your journey to joy

Step Two:

Register for my complimentary Path to Liberation Consultation to discover your next steps to Outrageous Liberation. In this 15 minute session we will look at your goals, dreams and desires and create a custom plan of action. All conversations are private and strictly confidential.

“Life is not what happens to you, it is what you create it to be.” ~ Danya

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