Spread Love Not Fear

sea-beach-holiday-vacationWe have numerous responsibilities calling for our immediate attention daily. We might keep list after list after list. Only to be overwhelmed with what needs our attention first and what is a priority in our life.

What is truly a priority in our life? Is it getting caught up in our daily existence and what is on our to-do list? Will we ever get it done or will the list continue to grow day after day year after year?

What is truly a priority in our life? I believe the most incredible priority in our life is spreading and living from a place of love. What does this mean? It means focusing our attention on exactly just that. Spreading and coming from a place of love.

Here are a few examples.  Loving yourself first wholly and completely.  Once you have love you have everything. Then you are able to spread it out towards others.

This might be nourishing yourself with healthy foods, getting adequate amounts of sleep and exercise. Meditating or allowing yourself time to sit and take a few deep breaths and just be.

It might be picking the most beautiful flowers from your garden and bringing one with you whenever you are out and about with friends, family or acquaintances. It might be giving your child a flower to bring to school to his bus driver or teacher. This “feeling” of spreading love it is where it all begins.

When you begin every interaction or intention from a place of love you are giving back to yourself and to others. Fear is an easy place to come from. It is the “old” way of living.

Let’s begin a new way of living….

As Ram Dass states, “Be Love Now.”

P.S. Our health and our entire well-being starts from a place of love…..


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