I am beautiful. You are beautiful. Let’s start by focusing on how amazing we are as human beings and all we are truly capable of. The time is now. We no longer need to focus on what is not going right or how we don’t want things to be. Let’s allow the Divine into our… [Read More]

Spread Love Not Fear

We have numerous responsibilities calling for our immediate attention daily. We might keep list after list after list. Only to be overwhelmed with what needs our attention first and what is a priority in our life. What is truly a priority in our life? Is it getting caught up in our daily existence and what… [Read More]

Are you ready to fully embrace your life????

This is the time! Do not wait until everything falls into place before you begin a new project, begin being happy and content, find activities that reflect your true passions, and many many more. You have the choice right now!! You have the choice to be happy. You have the choice to choose new options…. [Read More]

Are you ready to free the energy in your life right now to create more options?

Do you feel stuck in the same routine, same experiences, same habits, same life day after day? Are you ready for a change and an opportunity to create more options? If you answered YES to any of the above, please know that NOW is best time to start! We are currently experiencing immense changes in our… [Read More]

Let It All Go….

You are not your thoughts Divine One Be Grateful for the Blessings in Your Life Life is a blink and then it’s gone Life is precious Life is a gift Life is your experience alone Different from everyone else Enjoy the difference Promote yourself Love yourself fully Be your best friend and advocate Then and… [Read More]

Calling All Angels….

It is now our time to come out together as one to participate in Life as we came here for. The light inside of us is so great and so strong it is able to overpower and shine more brightly over the dark and heaviness remaining in this world at this time. Every morning when… [Read More]


Sometimes we wish we could change our lives.  Sometimes we wish for a different life based on what we are being spoon-fed by the media, society, and the world around us.  Are we wishing for bigger diamonds, a bigger house, a six figure income, a bigger car, a better body, more desirable friends/family/spouse, bigger parties,… [Read More]


Whoo Hooo !!!!  YES, It’s true, I’m really coming out!!! You’re saying to yourself, you knew this already?!?!?!? Is it the way I look?  Is it the way I act? Is it what I say? Is it how I dress? Is it my personality and mannerisms??? IT IS TRUE!!! I am a spiritual being having… [Read More]


If you are reading this now, you definitely received your wake up call !!! (But are you listening…..) The old wake up call sounded something like, “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…” The new wake up call sounds something like (Wait for it, Wait for it………): “We’re downsizing/your position is being eliminated/your position is no longer… [Read More]

Did you receive the invitation to the BIG event?

NO? YES YOU DID! We ALL did and that is why we are here on earth right now! YES, you chose to be here, right here, right now. Are you enjoying yourself? Are you appreciating the people, places, and events surrounding you right now? Are you excited to wake up every morning? Are you looking… [Read More]